Say goodbye to endless documents
We automate the rental business

Income verification
Tenant risk score
Automated with AI

Plug us into your current tool and automate the tenant application process. We'll score and verify tenants for you. A modern KYC plugin all GDPR and PSD2 compliant.

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99% Fraud detection
10-20% Increased profit
5x faster Manage more properties
<80% lower cost By automating processes

How TenantPass works

Add your property

Submit your listing URL and we'll get the property details instantly without unnecessary cutting and pasting.

Get scored applications

Publish our generated link to your listing or send via email and we'll automate tenant applications and screening for you.

Choose your tenant

View all screening scores side-by-side as soon as they arrive and rent to the best tenant quickly.

We don't replace your system, we add a powerful feature

Just takes a few clicks to start using.
No commitment.

Top applicants

Quick smart tenant choices

From days and hours to minutes, we reduce the time needed to collect and screen multiple applications at once for a one time fee per property (see pricing). With TenantPass you're making informed and profitable decisions on renting to the right tenant fast.

Automated BG checks
Scoring and verifying

Instant automated background checks

Say goodbye to documents and emails! TenantPass automates the application screening process so you no longer waste countless hours or entire departments managing background checks. We do this for you in a fraction of the time and cost.

Bidding war

Demand generated pure profit

When applying Tenants are asked how much they're willing to pay above the listing price. TenantPass provides both screening scores with the listing price and with the adjusted increase. More revenue for Landlords and more clients for Agencies.

Willing to Pay more


Use 1 credit for each property to accept unlimited screenings and applications for a period of 60 days.

Landlord €55
  • 1 credit
  • Ideal for Landlords
    with one property
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Agent €499
  • 10 credits
  • Ideal for agents
    with a few properties
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Agent+ €4499
  • 100 credits
  • Ideal for agents
    with many properties
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  • 1000+ credits
  • Save over 30%
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  • 1000+ credits
  • Save over 30%
“Its so simple to use, with no effort”
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