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Tenant Management Issues

Solving Tenant Management Issues

When a tenant signs a lease, you expect them to adhere to the terms that it contains. Though this is a reasonable expectation, unfortunately, it doesn’t always work out this way. There is no singular definition for a bad tenant. There are numerous separate issues that are guaranteed to cause you headaches. Those range from secret drug-labs to secret pets.

Let’s start with how this can happen and how to react. If you find out that a tenant is living in the unit, but also conducting an illegal business within it, it’s good to know about it beforehand. Your tenant may be selling drugs or handling different illegal stuff within the home. If so, it can lead to serious legal and liability issues for you. Then you must seek counsel to effectively resolve the issue without any form of liability on your hands for the criminal conduct of your tenant. And it’s expensive. Using app choosing between possible tenants costs less.

When you go through TenantPass, then we are screening applicants and run a background check on all of them. This may reveal prior criminal history among other legal run-ins. This is how you don’t have to worry about the individual’s previous conduct yourself. Leave it to us!

What else? Different pet-problems, for example. There are secret pets, angry pets, pet damage etc. Your lease may have a non-negotiable no-pet policy. However, sometimes people shrug it off and add a dog or cat to their household anyway. If you discover an illegal pet is living on the premises, you need to contact the tenant and schedule a meeting. If you’re willing to do something about the pet issue, you don’t need to walk away without anything. You can consider a pet deposit, pet rent, or pet fee. You may also require your tenant to get pet liability insurance. TenantPass is working on different insurtech solutions as well.

Andt the most important thing – the credit history and in-time payments. This is probably the most important aspect of tenant-screening – to be sure they pay what they’re supposed to. In time and according to the contract. What may happen if your tenant screening is done poorly? You start seeing late payments. Or no payments. Because he or she has no money, which is of course, something that can always happen to anybody.

Ok, everyone may have to deal with that, screened or not screened. In our case (screened tenants) it’s called force majeure. A common and useful way to solve this is by occasionally accepting partial payment from a tenant. If the tenant simply cannot afford the monthly rent, see if you can help them by finding them a roommate. Or, maybe you have another unit you own that’s cheaper. A bit of compassion during a time of financial duress and a willingness to offer solutions can earn you loyal, long-term tenants. But, again, the world is global and so is the rental market. You just don’t have to try to find the best tenant by yourself! We help you!

That’s what today’s digital solutions are all about – to provide you, an agent or the landlord, a “Good Tenant”. Actually a list of them. All scored by turnover and income and previous actions. Allowing them to show up special interest by willingness to pay more for the place they especially like. But the final choice remains yours! So you, being our client, can get the information for a reasonable price, and you yourself don’t have to perform all those time-consuming actions to filter out the best candidates. You can now manage more in less time!